Witgeest, Simon [Willem Goeree?];

Het nieuw’ vermeerdert natuerlyck tover-boeck of speel-toneel der konsten. 10e druk, Amsterdam, Jan ten Hoorn, 1715 [te koop bij E. de Grieck te Brussel], (10)+518+(40) pp.

Leather binding, 17 x 11 cm. Illustrated with frontispiece by Harrewijn and many woodcuts in the text. Frontispiece and title page smudged. Brown stains on the text pages on the right middle. Text in Dutch. Tenth edition of this amusing book published in 1715. The authors name Witgeest (white spirit) is a pseudonym, most likely leading to WIllem Goeree. Many tricks and games explained, as How to make a bird fly out of a playing card (p. 89): Een manier om te maken dat er een vogel van een kaerte-blad komt vliegen. As well as a water harnass/ Water harnas om p. 67. B0771

Immensely popular book, first published at Middelburg, 1679. A combination of a conjuring book and a book of secrets. Waller 1870-1877 (eds. 1692-1773; Muller 555 (ed. 1698); De Vries 529.

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