Isaac van Haastert (1753-1834) Georg Balthasar Probst (1732-1801)

[Handcolored Opticaprent/Optical view The Hague/Den Haag] Gesigt, van het Buyten-Hof na het Hof te zien, in S’Gravenhage (Buitenhof Den Haag), published ca. 1770.

Optical print with  the Buitenhof in The Hague (het Buitenhof in Den Haag). On a wide avenue are several people, including on the left two men conversing, in the middle a woman with a basket on her arm and on the right a man with three sheep. The buildings on the Buitenhof can be seen on the left and right. The court on the background in the distance.

Inscription above removed; at top right “262”. Below the print the title in four languages: “Gesigt, van het Buyten-Hof na het Hof te zien, in S’Gravenhage”, “Vuë du Buyten-Hof, vers la Cour a la Haye”, “Veduta del Buyten-Hof , verso la Corte, a Haia,” “Prospect des Buyten-Hof, gegen Hof anzusehen, zu Grafenhaag”. Left under the titles “Med. Fol. No. 65 “, and the name of the draftsman, bottom right” Cum Gratia et Privilegio Sac.Coes. Majestatis .”

Signed on the bottom, with the address of the publisher: ‘J. van Haastert fec./ Georg Balthasar Probst, excud. A.V.’

Hand colored etching and engraving on paper; plate mark: 315 x 438 mm; total: 337 x 453 mm. Damp stain on the top left corner some light dirt and smudges on the margins; nicely aging paper; in good condition.

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