[Bandit hero Cartouche]

[French, criminality, hero bandit 1820] Les amours et la vie de Cartouche, ou aventures singulières et galantes de cet homme fameux, d’apres un manuscrit trouvé dans un des cabanons de Bicetre, après la mort du nommé Duchatelet, son complice et son délateur. Antwerpen, L.P. Delacroix, 1820, 81 pp.

19th century half leather binding. Illustrated with a frontispiece showing drie men of which one is climbing into a house. C1547. Pages with some foxing and bookblock a bit frayed.

Louis Dominique Cartouche (Paris 1693-1721} was a French bandit, criminal. He was the son of Jean Garthauszien and changed his name in Gartouse, later Cartouche. He didn’t pass school and became a criminal. He became head of a gang of robbers. He had the nickname l’enfant because he was short, about 1m50. He was acting together with Francois Louis Gurthus de Châtelet, who had the nickname Le Lorrain. They were very succesful together and had a large scene of chambermaids, butlers and informers in order to control de route between Versaille and Paris. In the end Le Lorrain betrayed Cartouche and he was taken prison in the Place de Grève. Cartouche and a huge number of the hundred colleague criminals were arrested and/or executed. He was a social bandit, a modern Robin Hood and entered history as a hero that is taking care of the weak in society.

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Popular literature – 1820- modern Robin Hood – Cartouche

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