Voet, Alexander II (c. 1635-after 1695) after Wael, Cornelis de (1592-1667)

[Four antique etchings/etsen] The four seasons (complete set)/De vier seizoenen, published before 1695 .

Four etchings representing the different seasons: ‘VER’, ‘AESTAS’, ‘AUTUMNUS’ and ‘HIEMS’. Titled at the bottom of each plate; numbered and signed at bottom: ‘Cornelis de Wael Jnventor. / Alex Voet exc.’ Due to his moving to Italy, the representations by Cornelis de Wael portray contemporary Italian genre scenes, rather than Dutch. For instance the winter represents a carnival scene, with pieces of a city visible in the background that, with its bell towers, looks like Rome. His etchings are further characterized by a vivid and free line, almost like sketches. Beautiful plates.

Etching on paper, trimmed to plate; total: ca. 235 x 303 mm; mounted on cardboard, in passepartout. Some stains and smudges especially on corners. Hollstein 80-84.

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