Steenkamp, J.C.P.W.A.

[Colored Coat of Arm/Gekleurd familiewapen] Familiewapen van F.J.L.H. ’t Sas and P.J. Vetter 23 July 1877-1927

[Colored Coat of Arms/Handgekleurd familiewapen] Familiewapen van Sas en Vetter by the heraldic artist J.C.P.W.A. Steenkamp. Early 20th century. Watercolour. J.C.P.W.A. Steenkamp was a heraldic artist and former colonel of the Royal Netherlands Artillery and bearer of the highest military order for valour: Knight in the Military Order of William (Ridder Militaire Willemsorde), which he earned in the campaings in Atjeh (former Netherlands Indies).

The coat of arms of the familySas/Vetter is in good state with nice colours.

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