Schenk, Pieter (1660-1711)

Ets/etching: Europe in 1711 [set: Schouwburg van den Oorlog, Beginnende van Koning Karel den II. Tot op Koning Karel den III]

Six scenes on one plate, divided in two lines: from top left to bottom right: Map of GERONA in Spain, with a scene of battle with cannons on the bottom; death bed of king Joseph on 17th April 1711; the map of MONGATZ in Hungary, with a man on horse on the bottom left corner and kneeling figures in front of him. Towards the background the profile of the city; the map of the region of the Mount St. Bernard, on the mountains between Italy and France (Savoye) with a battle scene below; the siege of the French city of Bouchain and lastly, the king of Spain, Charles III welcomed in October 1711 in Milan. All the prints are signed below in the middle.

Etching on paper in red ink, trimmed to plate mark; total: 324 x 594; the sheet is folded in three and presents several repairings with tape on the verso, especially on the most external margins, on right and left. Despite some discoloration in the region of the foldings, a small stain on the bottom right corner and some regions of thin paper (top corners) in very good condition.

Incl. BTW  181,50

Excl. BTW  150,00

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