Roosing, Hendrick (1763-1826); Sansom, Franciscus (fl. 1780s) after Vitez, Joseph

‘De van de Storm beschermde Oranje Boom’.

Allegory on the restoration of William V in 1787: in the middle is the Oranje-tree on the top of which are the portraits of the regent, his wife and children, whereas on the trunk are the portraits of his ancestors. The tree is protected by the Prussian eagle: it holds a bolt in each claw with an inscription: ‘defendunt / non offendunt’. To the left in the sky is the omniscent eye. To the left of the tree is the Duke of Brunswijk-Wolfenbüttel in the shape of Mars, on the right Bentinck van Rhoon as personification of the Republic. Lettered below: ‘De van de Storm beschermde Oranje Boom’… This plate became soon very popular and was copied in at least another version.

Etching and engraving on paper in passepartout; total: 427 x 283 mm; trimmed within plate mark and mounted on cardboard through the top margin; some light dirt and smudges but overall in great condition;

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Excl. BTW  200,00