Luyken, Jan (1649-1712)

De onwaardige wereld – 22 plates.

22 plates from the 1710 publication “De onwaardige wereld: vertoond in vyftig zinnebeelden, met godlyke spreuken en stichtelyke verzen.” All plates are trimmed just outside the plate mark, granting a full reading of the images. They are all signed on the bottom right with the artist’s initials: ‘I.L’.
Despite some minor staining and smudges, plates are all in good condition. A tear at the bottom of the last impression is repaired at the back. The tear does not affect the image.

As from the title, Jan Luyken collected poems concerning the “worthless or values-less world” and illustrated them with witty images. A cinic critique of the contemporary world disguised as classical and historical tales, with characters clothed in antique-like clothes (tunics and cloaks), acting in landscapes populated with Roman ruins or interiors showing mythological or fantasy creatures.

These pictures, thus, serve as a warning to the beholder to act and live in the world according to the rules suggested in the Bible. Each description is in fact accompanied by Biblical references, traces of which can be seen on the verso of each print, in letterpress.

Among the plates avaliable are: “’t Verkeerde Regiment”, “De gedreigde Stand.”, “De Gulde Boom”, “De Achter-laag” etc. Quite amusing is the plate entitled “De Onvaste Steun” which shows death standing on the left, looking at the heart and a conrucopia filled with golden coins falling from atop a globe, the “unsure support”. On the far right carnival celebrations. Clearly, Luyken refers to the uncertainty of human life, therefore the artist offers a visual warning to the reader, reminding him of his inevitable death and inviting him not to seek for glory or richness, because in the end he will anyhow die, together with what he had achieved.

Etching on paper and letterpress; total ca. 96×98 mm. In good condition. One of the etchings is repaired on the verso.

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Excl. BTW  150,00

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