[Denis, Jean Baptiste]

Conferences sur les sciences, presente’es a monseigneur le Dauphin, l’an 1673. Brussel, H. Fricx, 1673, 155 pp.

12°, full contemporain leather binding, 14 x 8 cm. Illustrated with folding engraving of the human heart and a woodcut in the text of an eye. Brussel edition of the original in Paris published conférences by Jean-Baptiste Denis (1625-1704). Denis had these conférences during 8 years on maths, science and medicin.
This edition lacks the pages E11 and E12, but is further complete with the 4th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th Conférence, all attributed to the Dauphin. They are dated October 1672 – April 1673 and deal with the economy of food (economie van de voeding), the human heart (het menselijke hart met de bloedsomloop), the blood (het bloed) and several subjects regarding the letters of the Florentine medic Redi (about the eye for instance). Denis was the expert on the field of the blood circulation. B1357

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