Pijpers, Pieter

[Complete copy] Eemlandsch Tempe, of Clio op Puntenburgh, landgedicht. Amsterdam, P.J. Uylenbroek, 1803 [2 parts in 1 binding], [2] 12, 120 [4] 121-224, 12, 8 pp.

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Beautiful illustrated poem, in which Pijpers describes an imaginary walk through Eemlands bekoorlyke landsdouwen, the part of The Netherlands where he was born in the neigbourhood of Amersfoort. Tempe was the name for a lovely valley in Greece, used as a symbol for a beautiful region. The rather rougly, but informative poem, didn’t give Pijpers much pleasure. The review in Algemeene Vaderslandsche Letter-oefeningen in 1804 was satirical, making fun of the Eemlands Tempe. Pijpers said at first that this was “Comiesche critiek” but this was too much for the sensitive Pijpers. He became depressive and ill and died in 1805 on his estate Puntenburgh.

The beautiful topographical views are amongst others made by Paul van Liender (1731-1797) and Jan de Beijer (1703-1785), the most important topographical artists of the 18th century. B2440

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