Centsprent: Zie hier het leven en bedrijf / Van Jan de Wasser en zijn wijf. / Die leere u, dat ras getrouwd / Iets is, dat lang daarna nog rouwt, N. 6.

Catchpenny print showing the life of Jan de Wasser who takes over the household chores of his wife, such as cooking, cleaning and taking care of the children. His story was one of the most popular subjects depicted in children’s prints, having been printed in many forms and versions by publishers such as De Groot, Van der Putte, Noman, Brepols and Glenisson. Jan de Wasser is primarily known as the man who takes on women’s work, but he also was the typical example of a henpecked husband.
The stories of Jan and Griet go back to the theme of the fight for the trousers (‘Strijd om de broek’), where the woman changes her skirt and apron for her husband’s trousers. The topic of Women’s power over men (‘Weibermacht’) has been a popular topic in visual art since the 13th century, having been depicted by artists like Israhel van Meckenem and Lucas van Leyden. Probably, seventeenth-century farces such as Cornelis de Bie’s Jan Goethals en Griet syn wyf from 1670 led to the Jan-de-Wasser story taking its definitive form. This prints has given the story a twist, presenting Jan de Wasser’s unhappy marriage as a warning for marrying too soon.

Deventer, J. de Lange (1818 – 1845); via Mindermann & co., Amsterdam, whose address is mentioned on the print: ‘Te Amsterdam, bij Mindermann en Comp., in de Berstraat (sic)’; numbered ‘N. 6.’ in the upper right corner.

24 woodcut illustrations (each ca. 45 x 57 mm) on paper; hand coloured in orange and yellow; under each image a 2-line verse; total: 425 x 340 mm; Pro Patria watermark; folded three times, worn at the folds and restored on verso with tape. De Meyer p. 204, Boerma p. 777 (Lange 6).

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