Centsprent: Soldaaten in het veld, no. 15.

Two scenes with soldiers camping out in the field. The top image is captioned ‘Soldaaten ‘t hout hakkende om de Hutten te maaken’ and shows soldiers cutting down trees and starting a fire. The bottom is captioned ‘Soldaaten op Bywacht de Pot gereed maakende’, showing soldiers standing guard, warming their hands by the fire, cooking a meal, and resting in their hut.
Inscriptions in ink on verso: ‘S.B.V’, and in pencil: ‘S.B. Verdam’.

Zaltbommel, Noman (1814 – 1845), via F. Holtkamp, Sneek, who is mentioned on the print; numbered ‘No. 15’ in upper right corner.

2 woodcut illustrations (each 95 x 295 mm) on handmade paper, hand coloured in blue and brown; captions under each image; total: 330 x 400 mm; folded three times, large horizontal crease with several holes, fragile. De Meyer p. 244, Boerma p. 790 (Noman 15).

Incl. BTW  151,25

Excl. BTW  125,00

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