Gesigt, van het Ammunitie Magazijn, binnen de Stadt Delft.

Georg Balthasar Probst, Augsburg ca. 1750-1800. 268 x 368 mm Etching/watercolour Pasted onto cardboard. In very good state.

Beautiful optical print of the Dutch city of Delft. In the center of the print the ammunition warehouse is situated. This building is now known as the Army Museum in Delft. The print is hand coloured in a delicate way, soft life-like colours. The print is fixed onto a passe-partout of high quality. The back contains a sticker of ‘M. Hesterman, Oude Prenten’. The title and number (No. 81) are handwritten in ink on the back. In blue pen the number 802 is added.

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Excl. BTW  220,00

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