Centsprent: Slag van Waterloo / Bataille de Waterloo. No 48.

Popular historical print of the Battle of Waterloo. The 6 images present several moments on the battlefield, ending with Napoleon fleeing, and Wellington and Blücher celebrating the victory.

Turnhout, Brepols (1840 – 1885); numbered ‘No. 48’ in the top.

6 woodcut illustrations (each ca. 88 x 145 mm) on mechanically produced paper; under three images a caption, of which 1 in French and 2 in Dutch; verses under each image in Dutch and French in letterpress; total: 420 x 340 mm; folded once, small reinforcements along the edges, woodblocks worn and broken. The bad state of the woodblocks could indicate that the print was printed around 1860, when Brepols experienced a low point in sales prices for their traditional catchpenny prints, to the point that they did not commission any new woodblocks and that considered stopping their export to the Netherlands. De Meyer p. 95, Boerma p. 726 (Brepols 48).

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