Centsprent: Hier ziet gij Kloris met zijn Roosje, / Dat lief en lekker suikerdoosje! / Zij houden bruiloft met elkaar; Geluk en zegen aan dit paar. 53.

Catchpenny. Popular print showing the wedding of Kloris and Roosje: the dancing, eating and the presents at the end. As a comedic device, Thomasvaar, the bride’s father, tries to join in in the festivities, but clumsily falls while dancing and drops the plates during dinner.
The story goes back to the play ‘Vryadje van Cloris en Roosje’ from 1688, with music composed by Servaas de Koning, and the text most likely by D Buysero. The actor Th. Van Malsem changed the story slightly, adding the role of the clumsy Thomasvaer, and published it in 1707. This is the version that returns in 19th century children’s prints. In the 18th and 19th century the play was commonly performed in Amsterdam on New Year’s Day, after Vondel’s Gysbreght van Aemstel, as a New Year’s wish (De Meyer p. 500)

Rotterdam, Wijnhoven-Hendriksen (1819 – 1849); via J. C. Post, Leeuwarden, who is mentioned on the print: ‘Te Leeuwarden, bij J. C. Post’; number in upper right corner missing, normally printed with: ‘No 53.’

Eight woodcut illustrations (each ca. 68 x 130 mm) on paper; hand coloured in orange and blue; 4 verses, and under each image a 2-line verse; total: 375 x 301 mm; folded three times, restoration with tape on horizontal fold on verso; part missing at the top right. De Meyer p. 344, Boerma p. 840 (Whijnhoven 53).

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