Centsprent: Hier hebt gy het Leven en Bedryf / van Jan de Wasser met zijn Wijf. 27.

Catchpenny print showing the history of Jan de Wasser, who takes over the household chores of his wife, such as cooking, cleaning and taking care of the children. He was the typical example of a henpecked husband. His story was one of the most popular subjects of children’s prints, having been printed in many forms and versions. The changed roles within the household specifically go back to the theme of the fight for the trousers (‘strijd om de broek’), where the woman turns the gender roles upside down by changing her skirt for her husband’s trousers.

Amsterdam, David le Jolle (1814 – 1819); address mentioned on the print: ‘Te Amsterdam, by David le jolle, op de Rooze Gragt, in de Bybel-Drukkerye, No. 170’; numbered ‘27’ in upper right corner.

24 woodcut illustrations (each ca. 45 x 57 mm) on paper; hand coloured in orange; total: 415 x 325 mm; folded twice, restored and reinforced in several parts on verso, light foxing in the lower part.
Meyer p. 269, Boerma p. 803 (Ratelband 27).

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