Centsprent: Dit Prentgeschenk leert u van Speyck, / Door moed beroemd, in deugden ryk … No 27, published 1831, 1 p.

Popular print with the history of Jan van Speijk. No other figure in the Belgian Revolution has been praised like van Speijk, the orphan from Amsterdam, who became a lieutenant and would rather blow up his own ship, than be captured by the Belgians. His self-sacrifice was greatly admired by the Dutch, although today his reputation has diminished, with Ronald Prud’Homme van Reine calling his act a suicide attack in his book on Van Speijk’s ‘hero cult’ (Liever niet de lucht in; de omstreden zelfmoordaanslag van Jan Carel van Speijk. Amsterdam, 2016).
The print tells of van Speijk’s youth, how he lost his parents, and worked as a tailor and grocer. However, his mind was too great for that kind of work, and he joined the Navy. Through diligence and fearlessness he worked himself up to the rank of lieutenant. The print’s narrative ends with the large explosion; ‘Geen redding over, steekt hij moedig ‘t kruid in brand, / En handhaafd d’eer van hem en ‘t lieve Vaderland.’
Dated 1831 in the top.

Rotterdam, T. C. Hoffers (1820-1839), numbered ‘No 27’ in upper right corner.

8 woodcut illustrations (each ca. 65 x 110 mm) on paper, hand coloured in green and orange; under each image a 4-line verse in letterpress; total: 410 x 335 mm; Pro Patria watermark, with countermark “H I H L de Boer”; folded twice, slightly damaged along the folds, slightly frayed edges, water stains in the margins.
Meyer p. 173, Boerma p. 763 (Hoffers 27).

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