Centsprent: Deze vyf zyn spaanshe heeren, Zoo als men zien kan aan hun kleeren … No. 6.

Catchpenny print: 10 gentlemen and soldiers, at the top five Spanish men (Don Carlos, an envoy, a ruler, Don Juan, Spinola), and at the bottom five Dutch soldiers from the ‘Hollandsche Armee’ (drum major, grenadier, rifleman, cannoneer, and a resting soldier); probably intended to be cut out. Rotterdam, J. B. Ulrich, (1816 – 1849), numbered ‘No 6.’ in upper left corner; via D. Lijsen, mentioned on the print: ‘te Amsterdam, bij D. Lijsen.’.

10 woodcuts (each ca 135 x 60 mm) on paper, hand coloured with blue and brown; captions in letterpress above each row, and 2-line verses below each figure; total: 440 x 430 mm; backed in two areas, portion lacking in the bottom right corner, some foxing, water stain in the middle right. De Meyer p. 319, Boerma p. 832 (Ulrich 6).

Incl. BTW  90,75

Excl. BTW  75,00

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