Probst, Georg Balthasar (1732 - 1801)

Vuë de La Porte de Scalveck á Harlem

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Illuminated view of the city of Haarlem as seen from the Spaarne, with the Eendjespoort on the left and the Schalkwijkerpoort on the right. In the middle a beautiful sail ship is portrayed and in front we see several people enjoying the view. Hand Coloured in vibrant colours. The borders are painted black. Illuminated by small holes and figures which are punched through the paper. At the back of the print we see that the holes are covered with see-through paper. Some of the holes are coated with yellow, red and blue paint. This gives the illusion of coloured lights when the print is held in front of a light source. The original caption is pasted to the back of the print.