Aubert Miraei (Aubertus Miraeus/Aubert Le Mire); Jean François Foppens [editor].

Cathedralis ecclesiae Antverpiensis Decan; Opera diplomatica et historica : in quibus continentur … tum sacrae tum profanae antiquitatis monumenta … ad Germaniam inferiorem vicinasque provincias spectantia. Editio secunda. Auctior et correctior / Joannes Franciscus Foppens, Bruxellensis, S.T.L. Notas & indices addidit aliaque plura hactenus inedita adjunxit. 4 Volumes, Lovanii, Typis Aegidii Denique, Bibliopolae Academici, MDCCXXIII (1723). Title page in red and black.

Leather binding with gold decoration. With signature of F. Vandebutte(?, most likely Ferdinand van de Putte who became Pastoor in 1843 in Boezinge.), Pastor in Boesinghe. Title page with printer vignet of Harrewijn with two angels. Many vignets and Capitals in woodcut in the text. Language in Latin. Four Volumes. Volume I: Engraved portrait of Aubertus Miraeus by H.F. Diamaer after A. van Dyck (pinxit). 804 numbered pages. Volume II: p. 805 – 1362. Volume III: Supplemtenum ad opera Diplomatica, Bruxellis, Apud Petrum Foppens, Typographum, sub signo S. Spiritus 1734, numbered pages 1-732. With initials F.V.D.P. Some pages are browned (see photos). Volume IV: with signature of F. vandeButte. Bruxellis, 1748, numbered pages 1-724. Only some small damages on the pages of the set, further a good set.

This set was most likely owned by Ferdinand Van de Putte (Rumbeke, 18 maart 1807 – Kortrijk 8 februari 1882), a Belgian Priest and historian. He bacame Pastor in Boezinge in 1843.

Aubert Miraeus (Aubert le Mire) wrote “Notitia ecclesiarum Belgii, Antwerp, 1630”. This work and other works of Miraeus were edited by J.F. Foppenswith the title: Opera Diplomatica et Historica, Leuven and Brussel, 1723–48. Complete set (total 4).

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