Domselaer, Thomas van

Dutch History Amsterdam 1665 | Beschryvinge van Amsterdam, Amsterdam, M.W. Doornick, 1665, (8)+284+312+446+(116) pp.

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This richly illustrated tome chronicles the history of Amsterdam, from its original settlement on the river Amstel through the construction of the dam that established Amsterdam (Amstelredamme), to the growing city’s relationship with the surrounding region. Images and text chronicle a range of historical events and topics through the year of the book’s publication, including military and colonial enterprise, Anabaptist revolts, architectural landmarks, and unusual natural phenomena (e.g. the passage of a comet in 1664, followed shortly thereafter by a dramatic ice storm in Amsterdam). Six books are accompanied by a record of all men registered to the city between 1333 and 1665, as well as an alphabetized index.