[Willem Jansz van Campen],

Rare, Pamphlet, 1598 | Antwoordt op het tweede refereyn, by de overheerde Nederlantsche Provintien aen Hollant gheschreven: om haer met schoon-schijnende Redenen, ongefondeerde dreygementen,ende ongelijcke Exempelen te bewegen, Vrede te maken met den Spangiaert. Amsterdam, [ca 1598].

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On the titlepage, a ship with white flags bears a giant, three-headed figure representing Spanish rule (Empire and Inquisition), flanked by smaller figures who row and navigate the ship. Boats in the foreground of the print, chained to the central ship, fly satirical white flags that bear text describing crimes previously committed by Spain against the Netherlands. On the shore, a Dutchman stands in a garden with a Dutch lion, with the text “I desire a country but not a deceit”.

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