[Antique title page, ca. 1690] St. Helen, mother of Constantine (Sint-Helena moeder Romeinse keizer Constantijn de Grote), published ca. 1690, 1 p.

Possibly frontispiece before lettering, St. Helen is seen sitting on the left, looking at the cross she is holding with her left arm. On the right are several figures bringing gifts to her.

Helen was the mother of Emperor Constantine. She is believed to have discovered the Real Cross, where Jesus Christ died in Palestine, during a pilgrimage.

On the top left, a bust portrait of Constantine, held by two angels.

Not signed, with no lettering.

St. Helena – St. Helen – Constantine – Vera Cruce

Flavia Julia Helena (Augusta), Helena van Constantinopel of Sint-Helena was de moeder van de Romeinse keizer Constantijn de Grote.

Engraving on paper, total: 402 x 261 mm; despite rubbing, dirt and foldings along the margins, in good condition.

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