Claude Bezoard (fl. ca. 1530-1560)

[Antique title page, 1567] Andreae Tiraquelli regii in curia Parisiensi senatoris Tractatus varii, published 1567, 1 p.

Title page to ‘Andreae Tiraquelli regii in curia parisiensi senatoris…’: architectural setting, with title in a cartouche flanked by Roman soldiers and small crouching demons, and surmounted by horned mask held by a dwarf. Posthumous publication. The same frontispiece with different wording was previously used for Regii in curia parisiensi senatoris (1554).

André Tiraqueau (1488–1558) was a French jurist. This title page belongs to the third volume, dedicated to the Law of Repossession.

Monogrammed at bottom center, CB.

Published in Lyon by Guillaume Roville (or Rouille) (1518-1589).

Woodcut and letterpress on paper, mounted on cardboard mat; total: 305 x 194 mm, despite some rubbing in very good condition.

Incl. BTW  145,20

Excl. BTW  120,00

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