[Antique print, etching] Map of the siege of Saint-Venant in 1710 (Spanish Succession War), published 1729.

Map of the siege of Saint-Venant by the Allies under the Prince of Orange, taken on September 6, 1710. Numbered lower right: ‘Tom. II. no. 51.’

Titled on the bottom left, with a legenda in Dutch and French referencing the letters reported on the map: ‘St. VENANT. Belegert en Ingenomen in 1710 door den Prins van Oranje / Assiege & pris en 1710 par le Pr. d’Orange.’

This map was previously published by Anna van Beek. It served to illustrate how the war of the Spanish Succession (1701-1714) was proceeding.

For further information see Carlyn Osborn’s contribution: ‘Anna Beek and the War of the Spanish Succession.’ (2016).

This impression, however, comes from a later edition from [Jean] du Mont’s: ‘Oorlogskundige beschryving van de veldslagen en belegeringen, der drie … en den Prins van Oranje en Nassau-Vriesland,’ from 1729.

Large plano, total: 564 x 665 mm; wide margins, in great condition.

SaintVenant (Nederlands: Papingem) is een gemeente in het Franse departement Pas-de-Calais (regio Hauts-de-France).

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