Frederik Rostgaard (1671-1745) (?); Andreas Reinhardt I (c. 1676-1742) (?)

[Antique print, etching] Calligraphy portrait of William III on horse (gekalligrafeerd portret van Willem III op paard), published ca. 1700.

Beautiful portrait of William III (1650-1702) on horse, with a gun in his hand, realized as a calligraphic exercise. Very peculiar and interesting impression. Lettered on the bottom, at center: “C”. Small holes along the drawn lines were made in order to copy the composition on another sheet, possibly to do some calligraphic exercises.

Notably, in 1709 Rostgaard published “Lex regia : det er den souveraine konge-lov …” in Sweden. The edition opens with a beautiful portrait of king Frederik III on horseback the head of which was realized after the death mask of the regent, whereas the lower part was brought by as a unique calligraphic exercise.

Etching on paper, trimmed close to plate mark; total: 413 x 328 mm; some tears along the margins, smudges and dirt on the surface, since black chalk powder was scattered in order to make the copy. Some rust stains. The impression was for a long time folded, therefore creases are quite visible. Watermark “Pro Patria”, with HT countermark. Rare.

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