Macé, Claude (1631-1670), after Carracci, Annibale (1560-1609)

[Antique print, etching, ca 1695] Landscape with figures [Recueil de 283 estampes gravées… serie title], published ca 1695, 1 p.

River landscape with figures. A road descending towards the center of the composition. The river flows from right to left to open sea where some sailing boats are. Mountains in the background. High trees on the left and on the right. From the ‘Recueil de 283 estampes gravées à l’eau forte d’après les dessins originaux… que Mons. Evrard Jabach de Cologne… possédait’ or Cabinet Jabach. Everhard Jabach (1618-1695) was an eminent French collector of drawings. This ensemble of plates is drawn after Italian masters as the Carraccis, Pietro da Cortona, Titian, Campagnola turned into print by Macé, Corneille Jean-Baptiste and Michel-Ange and Pesne. Signed on the bottom; at left ‘An. Carache delin:’, numbered ’27.E’, signed on the right bottom:’Massé. Sculp. Cum privuil Regis.’

Etching on fine laid paper with margins; platemark: 279 x 402 mm, total: 286 x 410 mm; in good conditions

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