Jacob Hoefnagel (1573-1632) after Joris Hoefnagel (1542-1600)

[Antique print, engraving] Plants and insects. [set: ARCHETYPA STVDIAQVE PATRIS GEORGII HOEFNAGELII] Planten en insecten, published 1592.

Plate 9 from the second volume of ” ARCHETYPA STVDIAQVE PATRIS GEORGII HOEFNAGELII”, published in Frankfurt in 1592.

A dragonfly in the center; a butterfly faced upside down above it in the upper middle; a spider hanging on a line of web coming from the top; a fly above the butterfly to the right; two plants on the outer left and right, the right one with a caterpillar on it’s side; a crane on the right side of the dragonfly in the centre; a beetle below the dragonfly on the left; a cinnamon stick with three ants around it in the lower middle; a plum in the lower left corner; a cricket and a bunch of grapes in the lower right corner.

Inscribed above, in middle: “Aestatem meminit brumae formica sequentis=/ colligit id circo provida messe cibum.” and below: “Formica Cicadae/ QVOD AESTATE CANTAS: ID HYEME CACA”.

Engraving on paper, trimmed within plate mark; total: 152 x 207 mm; on verso traces of ink transferred to the top leaf while pages were piled up after printing. H 4035; VD 16; Orn. Berlin 4409; Nissen 2; Bl. 1954.

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