Vrijdag, Daniel (1765-1822)

[Antique etching, Sicily, Segesta, ca 1800] Overblijfselen van een’ Griekschen Tempel, te Egesta, 1 p.

Signed on the bottom left corner: “D. Vrijdag sculps.”. Segesta is an ancient Hellenistic city in north-western Sicily, in the province of Trapani, not far from Alcamo and Gibellina. Segesta was one of the main cities of the Elymians, one of the three indigenous peoples the Greeks found in Sicily. The other two were Erice and Entella. The temple of Segesta is a never-finished Greek sanctuary in Doric style. It was built around 430-420 BC by the Elymians on a hill just outside the ancient city of Segesta and offers a view of the surrounding area.


[NL] Daniel Vrijdag (1765-1822) als wees geboren en opgenomen in de stichting van Renswoude. Onderwijs van M. Schouwman in de tekenkunst, daarna J. Humbert en P.W. van Megen en vijf jaar onder Reinier Vinkeles.


Etching on paper, platemark: 265 x 340 mm, in passepartout total 390 x 450 mm. With visible folds as the etching was a folded bookillustration.

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