Master of the Die (fl. 1530-1535) after Coxie, Michiel (1499-1592) after Raphael (1483-1520), published by Salamanca, Antonio (fl. 1519-1562)

[Antique engraving, ca 1562] LA MADRE E ‘L RE’ DI LAGRIME SI BAGNANO COL POPOL SUO … [Set title: The fable of Cupid and Psyche], published before 1562, 1 p.

Thefifth plate of an album with the set of plates of the story of Cupid and Psyche. The series consists of 32 numbered plates, 3 by Agostino Veneziano (plates 4,7 and 13), the remainder by the Master of the Die (who only marked plates 6 and 9). Bartsch thought that the plates were designed by Raphael, but Vasari correctly stated that they were after Coxcie. The number order of the plates given by Bartsch follows the story, and does not always correspond to the numbering written on the plates themselves. Traditionally four states of the plates have been noted: 1. before the verses in the margin; 2. with the verses; 3. with the addition of Salamanca’s address; and 4. with Salamanca’s name replaced by Rossi’s (on first plate only?). Lettered below:’La madre e’l Re di lagrime si bagnano / …con dolore & terna.’ With Salamanca’s address:’Ant. Sal. exc.’

Engraving on paper with margins; platemark: 197 x 233 mm; total: 241 x 274 mm. Bartsch XV.214.43

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