[Biblical demon Asmodeus/Diable/The Devil]

Almanach du Diable, Contenant des Predictions très-curieuses & absolument infaillibles: Pour l’Année MDCCXXVII (1737) Aux Enfers, Avec Approbation & Privilege, 41 pp. Text in French.

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This strong presence of the Jansenist cause in the Devil’s Almanac suggest according to The French archives that the author was a nephew of the author of Moral Reflections. Imprisoned in the Bastille, he hanged himself on June 1, 1738 without having confesse…. the mystery remains intact. The work was immediately banned, the copies burned. It is therefore rare to find one. The French Archives have a handwritten copy, maybe this printed copy is the one that survived censorship and was copied. For: What can censorship do against the Devil?

Clément XI (pape ; 1649-1721), Le Franc de Pompignan, Jean-Jacques (1709-1784), Voltaire (1694-1778), Rousseau, Jean-Jacques (1712-1778), Humour, Satire, Parodie, Jansénisme, Jésuite.

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