Housman, Laurence

A Farm in Fairyland, by Laurence Housman, London, Kegan Paul, Trench Trübner & Co. , 1894.

Hardcover in green publishers’ cloth. The front and spine are illustrated in black and gold. The spine and edges are slightly rubbed and the pages are a bit browned/foxed. The book is in good state. 13,5 x 20 cm. [10] 160 pp.

The book contains twelve stories written, illustrated and engraved by Laurence Housman (1865-1959), who was a late follower of Aubrey Beardsley and the decadent movement. His stories are each accompanied by a beautiful wood engraving. His style can be placed somewhere between medieval woodcut prints and art deco drawings. His human figures, especially those of boys, seem a little alienated in their appearance and pose. The title page shows an allegorical figure that stands in front of an intricate pattern that shows small scenes of all the stories. B2321

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