[Antique drawing, pen and wash] Liebig card GERMANI, ca. 1885.

Preparatory drawing representing one of the barbaric tribes, the Germani. Fifth of a set of six representations. From the same set are the Unni, the Numidi, and the Parti.

Here, the barbarians are seen sitting on horses on the left, with their weapons and shields while looking upwards to a vision in the sky. The vision they are looking at are the Valkyrie, mythical warriors whom the living men seek to emulate.

This highly detailed drawing is not signed and is placed under a fitted cardboard passepartout.

On verso is an inked stamp, hardly readable with a number filled in in pen and ink.

Liebig kaartje – voorbereidende tekening

Pen drawing on paper, hand colored; pen and brown ink, inscription in red; wash in blue, green, red.  Under fitted passepartout. Total: 98 x 151 mm. Some smudges on the passepartout, otherwise in great condition.

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