Allard, Abraham (1676-1725).

[Original antique etching/originele antieke ets] Vreede-Galm, tusse Spanie, en Holland (The Joys of Peace, between Spain and Holland).

Illustration celebrating the Peace of Utrecht. “On the right, the figure of Peace reclines at an altar on the shore; she holds a caduceus; at her feet the Declaration of War is burning in a cauldron above which she holds a scroll announcing peace between Spain and the Netherlands whose coats-of-arms appear on the altar together with two clasped hands, a palm and olive branch and a flaming wedding ring. Other figures are, from left to right: three children dancing on a tattered French flag around an olive tree, one holding a cheese and with wine flasks at her feet; Plenty flies above with cornucopias dropping flowers and fruit towards where two doves bill on the ground; another dove, holding an olive branch, flies above her; behind Peace, stands the figure of “Libertas Batava” holding the cap of liberty, a palm branch and the seven arrows of the United Provinces. In the background, to left, a classical ship floats on a calm sea; agricultural implements lie on the ground.” [British Museum impression inv. 1871,1209.4888]. Several inscriptions; on the cartouche held by Peace: “Vrede tussen Spanje en Holland 26 Juni 1714”, signed with address on bottom left: “t’ AMSTERDAM / by A. Allard in de Beurs straat by den Dam”. Titled above in Dutch and French: “VREEDE-GALM, tusse[n] SPANJE en HOLLAND // JOYES de PAIX, entre L’ESPAGNE et l’HOLANDE”. Used as top illustration in a broadside from 1714 [Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum, inv. RP-P-OB-83.453].

Etching on paper, on the top trimmed to or within plate; total: 207 x 340 mm, glue stains on the verso, otherwise in great condition.

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