Desmond, Olga und A. Salge; Max Thielert

Lebende Marmor-Bildwerke, dargestellt an den Schönheit-Abenden in Berlin von Olga Desmond und Adolf Salge. Photographiert von Hofphotograph Skowraneck. Berlin, Neue Photographische Gesellschaft, [1909?]. Oflugelmappe.

Living Marble-structures. Performed at the Evenings of Beauty in Berlin by Olga Desmond and Adolf Salge. Map with eleven original silver bromide photographies. Berlin-Steglitz [ca 1909]. Photographies with silver margins 220 mm x 155 mm, pasted on photographer’s (hofphotograph Skowraneck) printed grey boards that also incorporate captions. The following are in the map: “Adoration”, “Venus Anadyomene”, “A Question”, “Spear Thrower”, “Park-Nymph”, “Safely Led”, “Veil-Dance”, “Love Play”, “Prayer” and “Awakening”. WIth dressed photograph of the Actress and dancer Olga Desmond (which is Olga Sellin, 1890-1964). With original sheet of 4 ornamented pages of introducing text by Max Thieler. In good condition. Complete set.

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