Galle, Philips (1537-1612) Heemskerck, Maarten van (1498-1574)

Gravure/Engraving: The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus (Het mausoleum bij Halicarnassus voor de graftombe van Koning Mausolus, tiranniek heerser over Karie en Klein-Azie).

The construction of the Mausoleum in Halicarnassus as tomb of King Mausolus. On the right, the widow, Artemisia, overlooking the construction. Two lines of Latin text below: “MAVSOLI A BVSTO …. CELARVNT MARMORE SIGNA,” signed on bottom right: “Martinus Heemskerk Inventor.”
Sixth plate of the set of the “Seven Marvels of the World.” 1572.

In the New Hollstein (Heemskerk), nr. 518, p. 193, the mentioned states of this plate are only two. However, this impression looks quite different from the two states at the Rijksmuseum (1st state: RP-P-1891-A-16454; (2nd) 3rd state: RP-P-1904-3303): the plate has been reworked only in some parts, the shadows have been reinforced, though lines are not as sharp as in the documented second state, nor are there any cross-hatchings on the ground towards the left. Interestingly, the retouching was only done on the most central part, that concerning the mausoleum and the figures in the foreground; the landscapes on the far right and left have been left untouched.

Engraving on paper, trimmed within plate; total: 210 x 260 mm; state II/3(?) mounted on cardboard, bottom left corner damaged, thin paper; two tears towards the bottom. Some spotting and staining, in the sky especially. Very interesting impression. Published in Antwerpen 1572.

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