Luther, Martin

Dat nye testament Jhesu Christi, na dem Grekeschen recht gruntlick vordudescht, und upt nye uth der bybelen thogerichtet. Rostock, Ludowich Dyetz, 1548 [colophon 1553].

12°, leather relief binding with four copper locks (closures missing). Relief decoration on the sides. Handwritten text on the title page: Exlibris Gerbrandi K. Rosenekrans and on the first page a handwritten text with letters and year 1609. Title page in red and black with decoration. 808 pp, 9 of the 11 pages of the register. Missing the last 2 pages ‘An den Leser’. The register is complete. Early and rare print of the Dutch translation by Luther of the New Testament.

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