Unknown master

[Wish card, New Year] Nieuw-Jaars-Wensch, opgedraagen aan alle Heeren, Koo-plieden, Burgers en Inwoonders der Stad Amsterdam, published 1782.

New year’s wish card, woodcut and letterpress published in Amsterdam in 1782. The corporation of lamplighters wishes the city a good new year. Above a representation of the lamplighters in action: while the sun is hiding behind the houses the lamplighter is climbing a ladder to light the lamp, another on the ground is filling a lamp with oil whereas one on the far left is delivering a letter, most likely this card to a gentle lady. Inscribed on the bottom: ‘Nieuw-Jaars-Wensch, opgedraagen aan alle Heeren, Kooplieden, Burgers en Inwoonders der Stad / AMSTERDAM; op den Eersten Dag van het Jaar onzes Heeren Jesu Christi 1782 / Door de Vulders en Aansteekers der Lantaeren…. Gedrukt by Erve de Weduwe J. VAN EGMONT: op de Reguliers Breestraat, te Amsterdam. Met Conf[s]ent.’

Broadside sheet woodcut and letterpress on paper; total: 328 x 202 mm; reinforced on the back, dirt and foldings and some tears along the margins.

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