Riedel, Gottfried Friedrich (1724-1784)

[Optica print, illumination] Vuë de Potsdam (mirrored).

.., Augsbourg ca. 1780 298 x 445 mm (plate: 291 x 420 mm) Etching/engraving/watercolour Collection des prospects; Prospect, des Köningl. Preussischen Pallastes (…); Vuë du Pallais royal de Prusse (…); Gravé par F. Reidel Pasted onto cardboard en fixed onto a firm frame. The plat itself is in good state. Perforated holes for illumination. OPT105

Illuminated optical view of the Royal Palace in Potsdam, Germany. The Royal Palace is now known as the New Palace and is situated on the western side of the Sanssouci park. The windows and light sources of the buildings are perforated (dots and cut outs). At the back of the print we see that the holes are covered with see-through paper. This gives the illusion of lights when the print is held in front of a light source. Hand written title in Dutch on the back.

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