Habermann, Franz Xaver (1721-1796)

Vue de Boston (mirrored)

.., Augsbourg ca. 1750-1790 325 x 453 mm (plate: 284 x 410 mm) Etching/watercolour Collection des prospects; Prospect von Boston gegen der Bucht Vuë de Boston de le Cale; Gravé par Francois Xav. Habermann. Pasted onto thick board. Some tears in the bottom margin. The text is filled in with black pen in the places where it was torn away. Plate itself in good state.

Hand coloured optical view depicting the American city of Boston, as seen from the river banks. The left side shows large ships in the calm waters. On the right the outlines of the city are visible, with a fortress and church towering above the building. The print is beautifully hand painted in pastel-like colours.

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