Velde, Jan van de II (c.1593-1641) and Baudous, Robert de (1574/75-after 1659)

Vetusta Ruinae [Set frontispiece]/Frontispice van een boek met 15 landschappen en ruines.

Frontispiece to the set of fifteen plates with invented landscapes and ruins. The title of the series is on a curtain hanging on the wall in the background. Ten figures in the front with fruits and vegetables. On the left a rather licentious scene: the man standing and pointing at the title with a finger is having an erection that has attracted the attention of the young woman seated just beside him. The title reads: ‘Vetustae Ruinae et Venustissimae aliquot Re:/ giones, ad oculorum oblectamentum, et Picturae adjumentum, á Ioanne Veldio de:/ lineatae, ác formis expressae et a Roberto / Baudous iam primum publicatae. / AMSTELODAMI / Anno MDCXVI.’ and at the bottom: ‘Joannes vanden Velde Fecit. Robb. de baudos excudit 1616’. Further numbered: ‘1’.

Etching on paper, trimmed close to plate; total: 138 x 210, state II/6; evenly yellowed paper, traces of previous mounting on the verso; beautiful etching; Hollstein 216, Fr. 255.

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