after Rijn, Rembrandt van (1606-1669) and Bol, Ferdinand (1616-1680)

Various figures and compositions.

Lot with five prints, late impressions or copies after Rembrandt:,

a) Old Beggar Woman with a Gourd, late reprint from the plate by Rembrandt, same plate defects on the left margin, Hollstein 40, state II/2;

b) Death of the Virgin, reproduction of second state by Rembrandt, see mark on the verso: ‘facsimile – reproduction der Reichsdruckerei Berlin’, numbered on the bottom left: 99, on fine laid paper;

c) The old man with a leaf of trefoil on his coat, Basan, Pierre François (1723-1797) after Bol, Ferdinand (1616-1680), Hollstein 24, copy;

d) The old man leaning on a stick with hat in the left hand, Claussin, Ignace Joseph de (chevalier) (1766/95-1844) after Rembrandt; signed and dated at bottom: ‘Rembrandt f. 1635’;

e) Man with beard, Riedel, Johann Anton (1733-1816) Published by Hertel, signed and numbered at bottom: ‘Rembrant pi. / N. 71 / A. Riedel 1759 / Hertel excud / 1’.


Etchings on paper, unless otherwise stated, trimmed to or within plate:
a) plate mark: 103 x 45 mm, total: 106 x 58 mm; pasted down on thicker paper and mounted on cardboard, cut within plate on lower margin, small lacuna on the bottom margin;
b) plate mark: 416 x 314 mm, total: 568 x 384 mm;
c) 89 x 75 mm, pasted down, in good condition;
d) plate mark: 125 x 85 mm, total: 131 x 94 mm, mounted on cardboard with two pieces of tape on the top margin;
e) broad margins, plate mark: 149 x 123 mm; total: 250 x 197 mm; some foxing along the margins, on the top right corner a small hole, otherwise in good condition;

Incl. BTW  48,40

Excl. BTW  40,00


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