[Unknow master]

Original woodcut/houtsnede: [Unknown master] SAN WINOCO/Winok/Winoc/Winnok/Bretoense heilige.

A religious image representing St. Winnoc from Flanders, kneeling in an interior. His arms are wide open, as he seems to be receiving instructions from the heavens represented by a cloud on the top left corner. A young boy witnesses the scene from behind a curtain on the left, while an angel assists the saint from the right. Originally from England, Winnoc spent much of his life in the Flanders where, at an old age, when it: “is said to have received supernatural assistance in the task of grinding grain for his brethren and the poor. The mill ground the grain automatically due to the intercession of the saint’s prayers. A monk who, out of curiosity, came to see how the old man did so much work, was struck blind, but healed by the saint’s intercession. Many other miracles followed his death, which occurred 6 November 716 or 717 (we only know the year from fourteenth century tradition).”

Here, the scene is framed within two typographical frames.



Woodcut on paper; total: 382 x 264 mm; some small tears and foldings along the margins, otherwise in good condition.

Winok, ook wel Winoc of Winnok, is een Bretoense heilige naar wie de stad Sint-Winoksbergen is genoemd. Zijn feestdag is 6 november.

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