Spilman, Hendricus (1721-1784) after Everdingen, Allaert van (1621-1675)

Twelve landscapes [The twelve months]. Twaalf maanden van het jaar.

Complete set of twelve landscapes after drawings by Allaert van Everdingen. Each landscape represents a month. Inscription and signature under the plates. Four months per sheet. Ca. 1736-1784.

Engraving and etching on paper; 1) plate mark: 184 x 297 mm, total: 244 x 353 mm; 2) total: 186 x 294 mm; 3) total: 188 x 300 mm; browned paper. Second and third plate are trimmed within plate and mounted on cardboard. The first plate has wide margins and it is mounted on another sheet of paper. Some soil and dirt, also caused by the glue used to fix the prints on the other supports. Hollstein 12-23, after Allart van Everdingen; Wurzbach 7.

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