Punt, Jan (1711-1779)

Three decorative prints (drie decoratieve prenten).

Three small plates realized by Jan Punt. Generally such small plates were meant to be decorations to larger pages with text in letterpress. I) after Nijmegen, Dionys van (1705-1798): Poetry and an allegorical female figure with wings on the headdress, Diana of Ephesus with guirlandes of flowers. The scene within an ornamental picture frame. On the far left is the personification of Poetry. On the right, Painting, with a cloth on the mouth. This refers to Horatius’ Ut pictura poesis (Poetry is like painting).

Signed and dated below: ‘D. van Nijmegen inv. / Jan Punt fecit 1737’.
II) The coat of arms of Willem IV surrounded by playing naked angels on a waterfront. Arms within oval frame: Created possibly due to the crowning of Willem IV in 1747.
III) Vignette with three putti. Signed on bottom: ‘J. Pint inv. et fec. 1739’.

Etching and engraving on paper; trimmed to plate mark: I) 83 x 100 mm, II) 89 x 155 mm, III) 78 x 124 mm; in very good condition.

Incl. BTW  60,50

Excl. BTW  50,00