Goltzius, Hendrick (1558-1617)

The Annunciation (The birth and Early Life of Christ; set title)

The Archangel holding a lilly, addresses the serene Virgin, kneeling on a cushion, the dove of the Holy Spirit radiating light above, surrounded by billowing clouds and cavorting putti. Lettered below left:´SERENISSIMO PRINCIPI AC… at(que) repertor. / C. Schonguaeus´; on the bottom four lines of Latin text:´Pone metum Virgo… Dei matrem totus vernerabitur orbis.´; Monogrammed and dated on the bottom :´HG A. 1594´.Outstanding engraving. On the verso collector´s marks: Dr. C. D. Ginsburg (1831-1914) (L.1145); unknown collector´s mark.

Engraving on paper; trimmed to paltemark; total: 472 x 352 mm; state II/6; left margin reinforced; evenly yellowed paper; trace of folding in the middle; New Hollstein 8; S 321; B 15 PB02NT

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Excl. BTW  3.000,00

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