Stefano Mulinari (c. 1741-c.1796), after Gaspare Celio (1572 circa-1640)

Unknown maker

The abduction of Helen of Troy (De schaking van Helena door Paris).

Helen, abducted by Paris, is rushed to the seaside. Some desperate maidens follow. On the right the sea and sailors waiting for Paris to join the crew on the larger boat. Seventeenth-century brown ink mixed technique.

The original drawing of the composition is preserved at the Gabinetto dei disegni e delle stampe of the Uffizi inv. GDSU 1413F (signaled by S. Stemerding).

Etching and aquatint trimmed to plate, on handmade laid paper; total: 276 x 261 mm; two tiny worm holes at bottom, some dirt on the most external margins, otherwise in very good condition. Contours retouched on plate. Rare.

Incl. BTW  157,30

Excl. BTW  130,00

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