Unknown master from the 18th century

Tekening/Drawing: View of Amersfoort [GESICHT UYT DE HOOGE DIRK VAN DE DUYNEN NA AMERSFOORT. GETEKENT NA HET LEVEN] (Gezicht op Amersfoort).

View of Amersfoort. On the left a shepherdess with her flock. On the right standing men conversing and a seated one probably drawing. Inscribed at bottom: “GESICHT UYT DE HOOGEDIRK VAN DE DUYNEN NA AMERSFOORT. GETEKENT NA HET LEVEN door AM 1714”. On the verso, a funny sketch of an old woman singing from a sheet in her hands.

Drawing in black chalk on laid paper (partial PRO PATRIA watermark); total: 314 x 142; the drawing was folded in three, therefore there are two creases from top to bottom; some yellowing and spots due to handling especially on the most external margins.

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