Cunego, Luigi (1757-1823), Bossi, Giacomo (1750-1804) and Agricola, Karl Joseph Aloys (1779-1852) after Raphael (1483-1520)

Scenes from the early life of Jesus (three plates from: Picturae Peristyli Vaticani, manus Raphaelis Sanci in tabulis aereis nova cura expressae, chartisque redditae anno M.DCC.LXXXX)

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Three engraving on laid paper with broad margins on Fabriano paper from the Miliani Family; 1) plate mark: 261 x 295 mm, total: 368 x 485 mm; soiled along the margins, stain on the top right margin, some foxing; 2) plate mark: 240 x 278 mm, total: 367 x 503 mm, some foxing on the margins and some soiling on the very far margins; 3) plate mark: 238 x 278 mm, total: 370 x 503 mm ; soil and foxing along the broad margin, stains on the left, not affecting the plate.

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