Cort, Cornelis (1533-1578); Cock, Hieronymus (1518-1570) [widow] after Weyden, Rogier van der (c.1400-1464)

[Antique print, etching and engraving] Rogier van der Weyden (Pictorum aliquot celebrium, præcipué Germaniæ Inferioris, effigies; series title)

Portrait of Rogier van der Weyden, sitting on a table facing right; a shadow is cast on the right wall; small niche with a scene depicting the Pietà and a scroll hanging on the wall in the upper left; first state; from the first edition published by the widow of Hieronymus Cock in Antwerp ‘ROGERO BRUXELLENSI PICTORI. / Non tibi sit laudi, quod multa, et pulchra, Rogere, / Pinxisti ut poterant tempora ferre tua, / Digna tamen, nostro quicunque est tempore Pictor / Ad quae, si sapiat, respicere usque velit : / Testes picturae, quae Bruxellense tribunal / De recto Themidis cedere calle vetant : / Quam tua de partis pingendo extrema voluntas / Perpetua est inopum quod medicina fami. / Illa reliquisti terris iam proxima morti ; / Haec monumenta polo non moritura micant’. Numbered above right: ‘4’. For Frisius edition see 60079.

Engraving, etching and letterpress with small margins; left margin trimmed on plate mark; pasted on thicker paper; plate mark: 210 x 121 mm; total: 220 x 125 mm; New Hollstein (Cort) 227, New Hollstein (Hondius) 86

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